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Welcome to the Motorola V220 Data Cable Page
If you have a different model phone from the V220, click HERE
Motorola V220 Cell Phone Motorola V220 Package

Choose from Mobile Action MA-8870 Package or

Motorola OEM USB Data Cable with Motorola Phone Tools 3.0 CD

Both Packages will contain the following:


USB Data Cable

USB Drivers


Bonus CD of MP3 and MIDI Ringtones, Wallpapers, Games

500 New MP3 Ringtones (Real Music Tones!)

Instructions on how to create your own ringtones

Over 130 Sound Effects Ringtones

Over 4,000 Polyphonic Ringtones

Over 35 Voice Ringtones

Over 700 Wallpaper Files

Over 500 Animated Screensavers

Over 35 Games for your phone (Games ONLY for XP and Windows 2000 machines)

Learn how to change Startup/Shutdown sounds

Change Number of Rings before going to VoiceMail

Advanced Changes for V220 Phones now available on Bonus CD including:

Customize external LCD Screen on the Motorola V220

Remove Carrier Name from Main Screen

Remove GPRS Text/Boxes from main screen

Add new Vibration options to your V220



Motorola V220 Connection Support:
  USB Cable Support: Infrared Support: Bluetooth Support:
The following features are supported by the Motorola V220 USB Data Cable package (MA-8870):
Software Functions

Supported by Motorola V220

USB Data Cable Package Handset Manager MA-8870- See Supported Features Below

Supported by Motorola V220

Motorola OEM USB Mobile Phone Kit 3.0 - 98654- Original Motorola Cable - See Supported Features Below

Supported by Motorola V220

Generic Cable Package with Motorola Phone Tools Software Package - Supported Features Below

Regardless of your choice of package, each purchase will come with a Bonus CD
Phonebook Backup
Phonebook Editing
Adding new Phonebook Entries through PC
Phonebook Sync with Outlook/Outlook Express
Calendar Sync with Outlook/Outlook Express
Send Text Messages using PC Keyboard
Save Text Messages
Transfer Wallpapers from PC to Phone
Compose Animated Pictures
Transfer MIDI Ringtones to Phone (max size 100KB)
Transfer MP3 Real Music Ringtones to Phone (max size 1000kb)
MP3 Clipper - Clip ringtones from your own MP3 files
Audio Composer (Compose your own Ringtones)
Compose & Send MMS Messages
Transfer Java Games to Phone (Feature is only supported through Software on Bonus CD)
Transfer Video from PC to Phone
Transfer Video from Phone to PC
Video Clipper - Clip video files
Modem Support
Charge Battery with USB Cable or Bluetooth Adapter
Customize Outer LCD Screen - change carrier name to any name you would like
Remove Carrier name from Main screen
Remove GRPS Text/Boxes
Customize Startup / Shutdown sounds
Allow received/dialed calls to show multiple times from same person
Add new Vibration Options
Adjust Volume Control beyond what is currently allowed on the V220 phone
Package Cost - Scroll BELOW to PURCHASE!



Phone Book Backup - Supported by Motorola V220

Backup your phonebook  - Ever lose your phone, have your phone stolen, dropped or damaged your phone and end up losing your phonebook?  All those important numbers can be lost forever.  Stop that from happening by backing up your phonebook with the Handset Manager software.
Phone Book Editor - Supported by Motorola V220
Edit and update into your phone via the phone book editor.  This is MUCH easier than trying to type info directly to your phone.  You will LOVE this!
Send MIDI and MP3 "Real Music" Ringtones to your phone - Supported by Motorola V220
Software allows you to upload MIDI, WAV and MP3 RingTones to your phone from your PC or Laptop.  Choose from the THOUSANDS of tones available on the Bonus CD or download any ringtones from the internet, and Zap them to your phone!

There is no charge to do this as you have a direct data connection to your phone! Save tons of money and quit paying for those ringtones!

Transfer Wallpapers to your phone - Supported by Motorola V220
Choose from tons of wallpapers on the included bonus CD, any picture from the Internet, or from your own personal pictures.

Transferring wallpers, is simple, easy and best of all free!  Gives your phone that great personal touch.  Add a picture of your significant other, your child, friends, or even your pet!

Modem - Supported by Motorola V220

Use your cell phone as a modem and connect your laptop to the internet anywhere you can get a Cell signal. (This feature MAY require an account be setup with your cell phone provider - please check with them for more information. We do NOT offer Tech Support for this feature!)             

File Manager or File Browser - Supported by Motorola V220

This software features allows easy drag and drop file transfer of different file types supported by your V220 phone including:

Sound: MIDI - 100 KB max size, AMR - 100 KB max size, IMY - 100 KB Max Size and MP3 - 1000 KB max suze

Pictures: BMP - 200 KB max, GIF - 40 KB max, JPG - 40 KB maz, PNG - 20 KB max

Text Messages - Supported by Motorola V220

Sending SMS messages using Handset Manager is as easy as a few clicks. Enter the message with pictures or melody that you want to share on the PC hassle free and send the message to friends simultaneously. Entering text on the extremely inconvenient keypads is not the only option anymore. SMS Message frees you from painstakingly inputting text on the keypads.

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Motorola V220 OEM Cable Package


This is the original Motorola V220 OEM USB Data Cable (98571/SKN6371) package with Motorola Phone Tools version 4.0 Software CD - Motorola Model number 98653H. This package includes the USB Cable, Drivers, Software and Bonus CD of MIDI Ringtones, MP3 Ringtones, Wallpapers, Games, and Advanced Changes. Please read our product page for your specific model to verify compatiblilty.
List Price: $49.95
Price: $32.95
Out of Stock

MA-8870 USB Data Cable Package for Motorola V180 V188 V220 V3 Razr C650


MA-8870 USB Data Cable Package for Motorola V180 V188 V220 V3 Razr C650 model phones with Cable, Software, Drivers, and Bonus CD.
List Price: $39.95
Price: $29.95
Out of Stock

Generic mini USB Data Cable Package


This is the generic USB Data Cable Package for various Motorola phone with Motorola Phone Tools version 4.0 Software CD - Motorola Model number 98653H. This package includes the generic USB Cable, Drivers, Software and Bonus CD. This package is compatible with Motorola KRZR K1 L2 L6 L7 U6 V180 V188 V190 V195 V220 V235 V360 V365 V3 V3i V3r V3t V3x Razr model phone.
List Price: $39.95
Price: $24.95
Out of Stock

Motorola Software Package


This is the Software Package for your Motorola comaptible phone with Motorola Phone Tools version 4.0 Software CD. This package includes Drivers, Software and Bonus CD of MIDI Ringtones, MP3 Ringtones, and Wallpapers. Media on the bonus CD varies by model, so check our website for compatibility prior to purchase. Software packages are non-refundable. This package is compatible with Motorola Models L6, SLVR L7, V180, V188, and V220 models.
Price: $19.95
Out of Stock

Motorola CHYN4516 One Touch Stereo Headset HS120 with FREE SHIPPING!


This item has free shipping.

Manufacturer: Original Motorola Product
Warranty: 90 days
Model Number: CHYN4516 CHYN4516A SYN1308

Compatibility:Motorola phones - any Motorola phone with 2.5mm headset jack - examples of compatible models are Motorola A630, A840, a845, C343, C350, C353, c650, E1 ROKR, E310, E398, E815, MPx200, MPx220, Q, Motorola Q, ROKR E1, T720, T720i, T721, T721g, T722, T722i, T725, T730, T730c, T730i, T731, V170, V171, V173, v180, V186, V188, V190, V195, v220, V260, V262, V265, V266, V276, V300, V302, V323, V325, V330, V360, v400, V400p, V500, v505, V525, V540, V547, V551, V555, V557, V600, V635, V710, v810
DETAILS: Listen to your favorite MP3 in stereo! Experience improved sound clarity - even in noisy environments - with the acoustically tuned speaker. And don't worry about getting caught up in the music; the headset automatically mutes for an incoming call and resumes playing when the call has ended. Send/End key on headset allows users to place, receive and end calls without touching the phone. Simply press the button on the headset and start talking. Ideal for private hands-free operation. Includes a shirt clip, so you can easily walk and talk hands-free. Conduct important personal and business calls on-the-go. Ergonomic earpiece with soft comfort ring provides comfortable fit even over extended periods.

Price: $11.87

V220 SPN4888 OEM Power Charger


This is an Original Motorola OEM travel charger which offers portable power. This accessory is small, light and easy to take with you. Plus, the charger powers your battery within 4-6 hours, making it the perfect travel companion. Can also be used as a primary power source when battery is low. This is an exceptionally low price for this product and this item qualifies for free shipping!

This Motorola OEM Power charger is compatible with Motorola C650, V180, V188, and V220 model phones.

List Price: $24.95
Price: $8.95

Motorola Car Charger C650 V180 V188 V220


Motorola Car Charger only $4.95 and includes FREE shipping. For models C650 V180 V188 V220!
List Price: $9.95
Price: $4.95

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Don't forget to add accessories to your purchase. Now offering Car Chargers and Leather cases for Motorola V220 model phones from only $4.95 with FREE shipping. We also have Hands free for only $5.95, also with free shipping! Take advantage of these prices today!

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Welcome to Motorola V220 page...!
Looking to download USB Drivers or Software for the Motorola V220? Free software updates and downloads for all customers - USB Cables come with a 1-year full warranty against any defects. Tech Support is also provided for the included software. All packages generally shipped by the next business day after purchase! Accessories such as car chargers and leather cases come with FREE SHIPPING! Downloadable software and drivers for Mobile Action customers who have previously purchased from!

Looking for a Motorola V220 discounted accessory or accessories? Car Chargers and Leather cases available for V220 from only $4.95 with FREE shipping! The Motorola V220 model phone is released in the USA with Cingular Wireless, Rogers Wireless in Canada, and multiple providers in Europe such as O2 and Orange in the UK. Our data cable packages and accessories will support any Motorola V220 model, regardless of provider.

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